His plans > my plans

There are some big and exciting changes coming up in my life! Let’s just say “want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans” has never rang more true.


First, let me start with a little background… For my entire life I wanted to be a veterinarian. I started working at a local clinic when I was 16 and continued to expand my experiences for the next 8 years. I went to NC State for my bachelors and masters in Animal Science and my dream was to attend vet school at NC State as well. Every decision I made, from which study abroad to choose to which extracurricular to which research lab I worked for, all were made on the basis of “will this help me get into vet school?” Well, I applied to different vet schools and I didn’t get in. I told myself that was fine, it was competitive and many, many people didn’t get in their first try. I relocated to Texas and began working for a research group doing both animal and human clinical based research.

It was during this time I really began to pray. I asked the Lord if this plan I was so relentlessly pursing was really HIS plan for my life. If I slowed down and listened to Him would I actually be on the right path? I promised Him I would have patience in His timing (and trust me I struggled with this) and that I trusted His plan. It was during this time I became more involved with our research participants and truly loved working with them. I started looking into second degree nursing programs and decided to take a few pre-reqs I would need and keep my options open. I once again applied to vet school and once again was rejected. (Although this time I’ll admit it hurt a lot less. I was oddly at peace.) Ok, fine. Lord, I hear you. I continued with my nursing pre-reqs, continued to work full time and also changed jobs and moved. I did a lot of research on nursing schools and the nursing profession and really started to fall in love the idea. I had to do some research due to the fact my degree was from out of state and when it came down to it, one program really stuck out to me and it also turns out worked the best with my previous courses, and that was Texas Women’s University. Like most nursing schools, their program is very competitive so I knew I would have to work very hard.

I was impatient and I fought the Lord tooth and nail. “How do I know this is the right plan? Can I really pursue another career choice after dedicating so much time to vet school? What if I’m not a good nurse? What if I am not smart enough? Why is this taking so long?” You get the idea. So I started to pray a new prayer with each step closer I got to nursing school. “Lord, if this is your will and according to your timing and plan, then the outcome is in your hands.” From each test I took, the TEAS exam, CLEP testing, and finally the application process this was my prayer. With each step He saw me through including being accepted into the bachelor of science nursing program at TWU in Dallas!!

I am so excited for the next 2 years and while I know it is going to be a difficult journey I know in the end it will be so worth it. As it turns out, being patient and letting the Lord lead you can turn your life in a COMPLETELY different direction from which YOU thought you wanted. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity being presented to me and cannot wait to begin this new journey!twu twu3twu2