S1… the semester that broke me.

I have always heard that S1 was the toughest semester in our program. Well, so far it is living up to its reputation! We aren’t even a month in and I feel like there is no way I’m surviving until the end.


We have 3 clinical classes this semester… Adult Health II (critical care), Mental Health, and Children’s Health.

Here is a glimpse at what my schedule looks like. Not including peer tutoring sessions.


The first couple of weeks have been spent in lecture, labs and simulations pretty much all day everyday. I am talking 8 hours of lecture or 8 hours of skills practice. My brain was so fried. I’ve been wondering when we are actually supposed to study this semester?!!!! This week is the first week we have actually been to clinicals and I’m already exhausted.

We had a “Code Blue” simulation, which was probably the most fun I’ve had during a simulation thus far. We got to run a code on a patient without really having any knowledge of what we were doing. Then we watched ourselves on video, went through different prep stations and got a chance to repeat running a code. As you would assume, the second time around was much smoother. 😉


I am most excited about our Adult II class as this is the area I have been thinking I want to go into once school is finished. This semester we get rotations in 5 different ICU’s, the ED, and a telemetry floor. We did have our first test this week and it covered all cardiac material (which I find super interesting) but I walked out of the test feeling like a bus hit me. The test was rough but somehow I walked away with an 84! I was super happy with it (even thought normally this grade would have brought me to my knees). This semester is not going to be the semester for A’s and I have accepted that.

Prepping for clinical


I am probably the most nervous for mental health clincials. We are not performing skills or assessments during clinical. We are just talking with people the entire time. I am mostly terrified of saying the wrong thing. We’ll see how it goes!

I LOVE children but I am not sure how I am going to feel about working with them in the hospital setting. So I guess we’ll see how that goes as well. 😉

We have a mental health test this week followed by a ped’s test the next week. The entire semester is just nonstop test after test. But at least we are so busy, it is going to fly by. Right?!?!

I’ve been told by both my boyfriend and my nursing friends I’m already “end of the semester delusional” on more than one occasion and we’re only heading into week 5. But hey, delusional trumps crying! Ya’ll pray my sanity is still in tact come May!





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