Why Beautycounter?

Why Beautycounter? Honestly, I’m surprised I didn’t take the plunge sooner… From working out to reading food labels, I’ve been maintaining a health lifestyle for years now. The choices we make now will carry us for the rest of our lives!

Here’s the thing, I assumed that all products available were safe for consumers. Our skin is our largest organ; the things that we put on it are absorbed systemically. So surely, there are regulations in place to avoid putting questionable items into our system. WRONG! I had no idea that only 11 (now 30) chemicals were banned from our personal care products in the US. Um, excuse me?!




At Beautycounter, our mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. Safer products, not Beautycounter products. We do offer incredible products that are a solution to this problem, but we focus on education first followed by products and then advocacy. We are walking the walk to make change and move the needle in the right direction. (And just in case you are wondering about the performance of these products (I know I was before I took the plunge) they are just as good if not BETTER than the products I was already using yet SAFER!)


Once I realized that the products I was using daily in my home were threats to my health, there was no turning back. I started to slowly change out my personal care products for Beautycounter ones. I also started sharing with those around me the facts about the cosmetic industry. I didn’t consider becoming a consultant at first. I often joke that I am the busiest person alive and thought I wouldn’t have “time.” But let me tell you if you have 4 hours a week or 40, there is a place for you here! And even if I only get safer products in the hands of ONE person then I consider that a win. If you are someone who loves to share information and help others, I would love to speak with you. Being a part of Beautycounter allows me to have a social impact that is also finically rewarding. I truly believe that it is the best job and best opportunity available. Our products are amazing and our business opportunity is one of a kind and can be absolutely life changing.

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Beautycounter is also so confident in our products we offer a 60 day money back guarantee! So what do you have to lose? Shop safe, shop Beautycounter!