50% RN!

J2 is officially DONE!! Which means I’m officially 50% RN!!

What studying for finals looks like.. a steady stream of coffee + snacks to keep us going strong!

This semester really flew by and I didn’t really do many updates for this semester! Hell, this YEAR flew by. How am I already half way done with my BSN?!?

For the most part, this semester wasn’t that bad, but I sure am glad its over! My online classes were a breeze and it was just a matter of keeping up with due dates and getting things done on time. One of the classes was self-paced and I finished it by the first month of the semester. I walked away with all A’s in those classes.

For Adult/Med-Surg- well lets just say this was my least favorite class so far. I ended up crushing the HESI with a 1317 (which converts to 99.99%) so I didn’t take the final and squeaked by with an A in the class. Praise the Lord!

Women’s was my favorite class this semester! We had our last test a week before the cumulative final so it was a sprint to the finish. Thankfully, I had done well all semester because the final was a bit brutal. I still walked away with an A!

Studying L&D with my favorite nugget.

I loved my clinical instructors and clinical groups for both clinicals this semester! Overall, clinicals were way more fun than J1 as well. I was able to see and experience so much during both! I also got to practice a lot of clinical skills, which is always a plus.

My awesome clinical group with our research poster which earned 2nd place!


Veterans Day parade!

There were times this semester when I didn’t know if I was going to make it (physically and mentally). For the first month of school I had 3 jobs then I went down to 1 job at 20 hours every week and 1 job pet sitting as needed. I usually ended up only having one day off every week. I really struggled to find balance with my fitness routine this semester but ultimately I realized that getting rest when I needed it was more important. I’m really proud to walk away with all A’s this semester but I have a feeling next semester is going to be very humbling! S1 is known to be the toughest in our program. So I am going to try to relax and enjoy the holiday break because next semester is sure to be a beat down!

Legit, wouldn’t survive with these girls by my side.
Celebrating being half nurses!!!



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