Just taking this semester one day at a time.

This semester is flying by! I’m not sure if I’m excited we ONLY have 7 weeks left or terrified we have 7 WHOLE weeks left. Having 3 clinical courses means the work is never ending. I’m honestly just surprised I’ve managed to wake up and make it where I’ve needed to be that day so far this semester. I’ve been terrible at updating here as well.


Adult II
After our first test, I really put my head down and studied my ass off for the second test. The content was shock, respiratory (think ARDS, vents, etc.), burns and renal. (Of course I’ve completely neglected my other two courses during this time which I hate myself for now but what can you do?) Let me tell you, MedCram videos SAVED me because I left lecture like “WTF JUST HAPPENED?!” So if you are struggling with either of these topics I highly suggest taking a few minutes to watch these videos.


Shock / Sepsis Treatment

Mechanical Ventilation (There are 5 videos in this series so make sure you watch them all.)


I managed a 94 on the second test, which, quite honestly, shocked the hell out of me. I was just praying I passed when I walked out.

Typical group study session. Note the lavender essential oil diffusing to easy the anxiety. 😉
A little pre-exam pep talk with my nursing BFF’s. I don’t know how I’d survive without them.


I am struggling to find the motivation to actually study for this class. It just isn’t my favorite… like at all. I have friends that love it but it just isn’t for me and that’s okay! But I still need to find the motivation to study more. I got an 87.5 on the first test, which I was fine with because I know I didn’t study well. It also turns out therapeutic communication isn’t exactly my forte. 😉 We have our second test next week and I really need to crack down because we only have 3 exams for the class.


I’m still not really sure how I feel about this class. I’ve enjoyed the clinicals but I haven’t been like “OMG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH” like some of my other classmates and lecture doesn’t leave me warm and fuzzy either. Our tests are taken in a group setting, which is pretty strange. I was worried before the last test but I was assigned to a great group and we ended up with a 94 on the test. We have our second test next week (the day before mental) and I REALLY need to get my butt in gear and study. I’m so behind after dedicating my life to my last adult exam.

My favorite place to study before Texas went all 90 degrees on us.

We had spring break last week and it was MUCH needed. Now I just need to put my head back down and grind out these last 7 weeks! We have quite a few students struggling this semester (specifically with our Adult II class) and it is so heartbreaking to see. Nursing school is challenging to say the least and quite humbling on top of that. So if you are a nursing student who is struggling let me remind you of one thing… YOUR TEST GRADES ARE NOT WHAT WILL MAKE YOU A GOOD NURSE. You got into nursing school so I know you’re pretty smart 😉 so I know it’s hard when you don’t see those A’s anymore but it is about SO much more than that now. Keep grinding it out day after day, never give up, and stay POSITIVE. You CAN do it. You WILL do it. Nursing school is hard and unless you’ve been there you don’t fully understand. But as a fellow nursing student, I believe in you.





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