Life after the first round of nursing exams…

Wow.. The first 5 weeks of nursing school FLEW by. I guess when you are on the go 24/7 that will happen. Looking back I can’t believe how much we have already learned in just over one short month. We also finished our first rounds of exams… and survived them!


I have 3 classes this semester because I took Patho last semester (soooo thankful for that!!).

There is so much money spent in this picture!

Nursing Assessment across the Life Span : We are essentially learning a focused assessment each week on a different system and by the end we’ll be able to do a complete head to toe assessment of a patient. So far we’ve learned how to conduct an interview, obtain health history, complete a pain assessment, obtain vital signs, and perform focused assessments on the skin, hair and nails, thorax and lungs and the abdomen.

Concepts and Clinical Competencies: This class is essentially fundamentals of nursing where we are learning different nursing skills. The labs are so fun and will turn into our first clinicals at the hospital soon. So far we’ve covered asepsis and infection control, documentation and delegation, skin integrity and wound care and medication safety. In lab we’ve covered hand hygiene, PPE, mobility and transfers, wound dressing change, urinary catheterization and giving oral and injectable meds.

Learning how to give injectable meds!
Who knew giving injections could be so fun?! Could have something to do with the huge empty cup of coffee!

Pharmacology: This class has SO much information but I honestly love it! So far we have covered basic principles of pharm, CNS and PNS drugs, infant/children and geriatric considerations, anesthetics and psychotherapeutic drugs. I have definitely spent the most time studying for this class. We have a wonderful teacher who is retiring after this semester so I am so sad the incoming J1’s won’t get to experience her teaching.

One of the MANY drugs charts we had to study for Pharm. 


The fourth week of school we had our first nursing test in Concepts. Then came the fifth week of school where we had an Assessment test on Monday, a Pharm test on Tuesday, a vital sign check off in Assessment on Wednesday and a medical math test in Concepts on Friday. I was literally at school on Monday for 13 hours between tutoring, tests, class, and studying!

It was quite the week to say the least but with a little help from coffee, Jesus and my wonderful support system I made it through. I also had a few glasses of wine to celebrate! I am also happy with my grades from the first rounds of test. All of my studying definitely paid off!

Alas there is no rest for a nursing school student. We have 3 more weeks before spring break in which we have another round of exams and a practicum check off in Concepts. For this we will randomly draw a skill we have learned and perform it in front of our clinical instructor as a pass/fail so no pressure! This week also marks our first week in the hospital so I am excited about it but also nervous.


Here’s to another week!





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