J2 so far

This semester is already flying by. I feel like I am always saying that but literally when you are this busy time really does fly by!

Between class, hospital orientation, skills days, and simulations for both of my clinical courses I feel like the last few weeks have been a whirlwind. I calculated that between school and work I’ve been spending just over 50 hours a week at each place. That doesn’t include the time I’ve spent studying and working on assignments outside of class/clinical hours. No wonder I’ve been exhausted!


The best thing about J2 so far is how much more laid back it is than J1. For our skills day, we were told to review our skills guide, we watched a demo from our teachers then we were expected to immediately check off. Whereas J1 was multiple practice days/labs and our instructors were so rigid when it came to performing the skills in front of them (which I understand why—most people have zero medical knowledge at this point). For our Women’s Health skills day we had a breastfeeding lecture, IV starts, IV spike/push, foley review, newborn and postpartum care, and labor support skill where we learned different ways to support a laboring mom. For our Adult Health skills day we had tracheostomy suctioning/care, NGT insertion, ostomy care, CVAD dressing change, and IV push/IV pump.

Practicing IV starts. (Note: This isn’t a real arm.)

We had a simulation day in Adult Health where we were in charge of care of a patient with CHF exacerbation. We all had different roles (primary nurse, med nurse, documentation, etc) and we basically walked into the room and jumped into caring for our patient. We have our simulation for Women’s Health later this semester.

I also had my first women’s clinical day and it was so much fun! We only have them every other week because they are 12 hour clinicals. On my first day I was in L&D and I saw a vaginal birth, a c-section, and spent time in the women’s ED. Even though L&D is not a field I’ve ever considered before watching life come into this world is amazing!! It definitely opened my eyes into a different niche in the nursing world. I can’t wait for my next clinical day!

We had our first test of the semester in Adult Health this week. It was over ABG’s, electrolyte/fluid imbalances, EKG interpretation, CHF, CAD, HTN, PVD, Asthma, PN, COPD, and TB… so you know not much to study at all. 😉 I went into the test wishing I had of studied more. I feel like this course is really going to be one that is “self-taught”. I ended up squeaking by with an A on the exam but I am definitely going to spend more time preparing for the next test. We have our first clinical this week in the hospital so I am hoping that is more fun than the class itself.

No way I’d make it through without these crazies!!




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