Nursing School Update..


Now to pick up where I left off..

Simulation Day

We had a simulation day at school in the high fidelity lab and with “real patients” (aka volunteers from the school). It is mostly for the S1 students but as J1’s our job was to obtain a history of present illness and health history from the “patient” in the ED then SBAR to the S1’s as they made their rounds to each patient. We then went into the high fidelity lab where our patient had “progressed” and was now hospitalized. The J1’s just had to do a head to toe assessment while the S1’s were in charge of the care of the patient.  It was a fun experience and I’ll be excited to experience it as a S1 with more to do!

Head to Toe Assessment Final Practicum Checkoff

We had to perform a head to toe assessment on an assigned partner with our instructor watching and grading us. Even though I practiced a lot I was a little nervous. I forgot a few things but ended up remembering them before I was finished and getting everything done. The grade is just pass/fail so I passed and moved on!

Fundamentals HESI

What a weird test! It wasn’t really possible to study for it so I just did a LOT (400ish) practice questions. I didn’t feel like I was doing that well during the test and some of the questions were just straight weird but I ended up with a 1285 (99.99%) so I was pretty pleased!


Man.. I spent a LOT of time in the library over finals week. I mean like almost 50 hours in 5 days. I wish I could have just brought a sleeping bag and stayed there. BUT hard work pays off and I walked away from J1 with all A’s!

After our last final we went to lunch to celebrate surviving and moving onto J2. This semester was hectic and stressful and on top of that I was working 2 part time jobs. But with the help of coffee, Jesus, motivation from my nursing friends and support from family/friends,  I was able to survive with my sanity! Our program doesn’t go through the summer so except an EKG elective I’ll have the summer off from school. I am SO looking forward to a break. I will also be working as a PCT this summer  so I’m not sure how much of a break I’ll get with 3 jobs but at least I won’t be in school full time as well.

1 semester down… 3 to go! Happy Summer everyone!

Every week seemed impossible until it was over this semester.
Last clinical day with our awesome clinical instructor!
Celebrating with my favorite nursing friends!!


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