A week in the life of a nursing student…



0730-2400: Study all damn day with breaks for grocery shopping and meal prepping.


0600: Arrive at school, print everything for the week
0630-1230: Study in library for Assessment test
1230-1330: Pharm tutoring/lunch
1400: Assessment test [I got a 92!]
1530-1630: Assessment lecture (Focused on the assessment of the hospitalized patient)
1630-1730: Concepts tutoring
1730-2130: Study at school for Pharm test tomorrow
2200-2330: Study a little more once I got home then collapsed into bed


0630: Arrive at school and review Pharm until test time
0900: Pharm test [I got a 90!]
1030-1130: Pharm lecture (Ear/Eye medications)
1130-1300: Finish care plan, submitted to instructor and lunch
1300-1600: Concepts lecture (Patient Education and Healthcare Compliance)
1600: Leave school, run a few errands, have a glass of wine and go to bed at 2030 because I was THAT tired!


0600-1200: Work
1230-1630: Assessment lab. This week was our final vital signs check off [I passed!!] and practice for our upcoming head to toe check off.
1700-2130: Chiropractor appointment, home, fixed dinner for K and I then went to bed early again because I was still exhausted!!


0600-1400: Work
1430-1530: Pre-Clinical at hospital
1630-1730: Gym
1730-2200: Dinner, work on care plan and prepare for tomorrow’s clinical day.


0630-1300: Clinical
1400-1600: Work on pre-simulation assignment
1630-1730: Gym
1830: Dinner then fell asleep on the couch and slept until morning. Obviously my body needed to catch up on some sleep!


0830-1430: Make up my hours at work that I took off due to studying on Monday
1500: Get home, clean and do laundry that I’ve been neglecting. Get organized for school next week, review lecture notes from previous week.
2000-2200: Pet sitting jobs


The semester is actually calming down a bit. Earlier in the semester there is no way I could have taken a few nights “off” from studying/homework during the week! I also really need to get my butt back in the gym – the last month has been so hectic and I’ve been making excuses left and right but that needs to change. I am counting down the days until the semester is over.

All I  have left to do is:

2 Pharm quizzes

Simulation day for Concepts

1 clinical day

Head to Toe final check off

Fundamentals HESI


So close… so, so, close!


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