Puerto Vallarta Sportfishing

When we were in Mexico we chartered a 12 hour offshore fishing trip with PV Sportfishing. We went with Captain Victor and Ramon on a 29 foot wide bow Super Panga and we had an incredible trip! While K has done a lot of fishing he’s never been deep sea fishing and it is one of my true loves! This trip was the perfect time for his first trip!

We started off the day by telling our Capt we wanted to catch BIG fish. He said, “We’ll make it happen.” Our best chance was for a tuna so our plan was to head out about 40 miles and start trolling with some live bait. They have also been catching some marlin, dorado and wahoo in the same area. We saw quite a few sea turtles and a few dolphin but didn’t have much action at first. We finally came up on a big school of tuna feeding. They were jumping out of the water, some of them were HUGE, and it was incredible. However, we couldn’t get one on the line. We ended up moving on to another school but didn’t have any luck with them either. Fishing takes a LOT of patience but when you can see the fish jumping from the water in front of you just tormenting you.. man that’s tough!


We came up on the largest group of spinner dolphins I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I mean probably over 1,000 of them. They were jumping out of the water like acrobats and it was the most amazing thing. We made our way in front of the large school and dropped in a line. No sooner had it hit the water and BOOM! The sound of the rod as the fish takes off and starts stripping line is magical. I instantly run to the back of the boat and start trying to get the fish onboard. She really gave it her all and I’ve never worked so hard in my life. I was sweating, my back gave out and my hand was bleeding! At one point I handed over the rod to K so he could get in on the action. It took us about an hour to get this beautiful fish on board but it was so worth it. Our Capt and mate both worked incredibly hard to help us land our fish and they were celebrating with us when we finally landed it!


This picture doesn’t even begin to show how many dolphins there really was!

Even if we hadn’t of caught a fish we still had such a great day on the water but it was really the perfect ending to the trip!! Of course, we did not waste one bite of our catch. We shared some with our captain and mate, cooked some in our hotel room, had the restaurant at the resort prepare some and brought the rest back via American Airlines. (No questions asked, we just checked our coolers as luggage and brought our catch back.)


If you are ever in Puerto Vallarta and looking for a fishing charter I highly recommend PV Sportfishing! They offer inside the bay, offshore and even overnight charters. You will NOT be disappointed!

Check out the March fishing report!


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