First half of J1 – DONE!

I cannot believe we are half way through our J1 semester! We officially finished today and are on spring break and after this week I am so thankful we have a week to recharge and relax!


We had our second concepts test last week and this week we had our second tests in Assessment and Pharm and a practicum check off for Concepts and I was sick for most of the week. Yikes – being sick during nursing school is the worst. There is no such thing as a “sick day.” I can honestly say that I did not study as much for these exams leading up to them as I did for the first set. I walked away with an 86 on both Concepts and Assessment, which I am still pleased with, but I know a little more effort could have boosted me to an A like the first test. Somehow I managed a 98 on the Pharm test. I literally could not believe my eyes when I saw my grade! I am really enjoying that class. 🙂

Literally how I feel after every test.


Our second Assessment test covered the abdomen, male genitourinary system, anus, rectum and prostate, heart and neck vessels, peripheral vascular system, ears, nose, mouth, and throat. Yeah… that’s a LOT!


Concepts covered skin integrity and wound care, medication techniques, critical thinking and the nursing process. Let’s just say that the nursing process and critical thinking have been my least favorite topic so far.


Pharm covered psychotherapeutic agents, drugs for endocrine disorders, drugs affecting the blood and principles of IV therapy.


For our Concepts practicum check off we had to draw a skill from a hat that we learned this semester, gather our supplies, perform the skill, and document with our clinical instructor watching. The entire thing was pass/fail for the ENTIRE course so no pressure or anything. Luckily, I have a really laid back clinical instructor. I also practiced my skills so I felt really prepared and not nervous at all. I ended up with an insulin injection and a dry sterile dressing change. We had 45 minutes to complete everything but I literally think I finished in 25 minutes! What a relief to pass and be finished with this week and the first half of the semester!


I am off to Mexico tomorrow and I am so looking forward to a week of sun, sand, and hopefully catching some big fish! But a nursing student’s work is never done… I’ll be bringing my head to toe check off to practice on K all week and probably some Pharm notes as well. 🙂

grand mayan




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